Winter Clothes for Red Cloud Indian School

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    Andover, Massachusetts
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The Problem

We hope to raise awareness about the difficulty which Native Americans face. Pine Ridge Reservation is a Lakota Native American reservation in South Dakota. The grand majority of people living there are in serious economic needs. Most homes do not have heating, and children have to wear winter clothes to stay warm inside their houses. We hope to raise awareness about these issues, and do everything we can to help them out during the next winter.

Our Plan

We will be setting up a winter clothes donation drive. As the weather starts to get warmer and people clean out their closets of winter clothes, we will set up buckets in our school so that people can donate the clothes they no longer want or they have grown out of. We will collect the clothes throughout the year, but particularly during this time, and send it to them next fall. This was a big success last year, and we hope it will be again.

Themes Addressed

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    Indigenous Rights

The Benefit

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