Wildlife in my Backyard (WimBy)

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The Problem

I wish that lots of Roots and Shoots group around the world join this project. I wish that we can share with each other stories about the wildlife in our backyards and to see what we can do for them, especially in cities! Let's WimBy :)!

Our Plan

WimBy - meet your neighbours! Hello all, Wildlife in my Backyard is a cross-cultural forum for kids and adolescents who want to observe and learn about the animal wildlife in their backyards, neighborhood or school yards. We created short and simple guidelines that help you to become your own little behavior scientist, just as Jane Goodall, but in your backyard. You would share your observations and stories about these animals with other Roots&Shoots groups from around the world! It started as a collaboration between JGI Germany and JGI Australia and we would be thrilled to have more groups from around the world on board! Just in alignment with and in the spirit of Roots & Shoots international! You can find more information here: http://www.janegoodall.de/roots-shoots/wimby/wimby-english/ Just drop me an email if you have any further questions! And I am looking very much forward to hearing from you! Yours, Tanja

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