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The Problem

I am a special educator working with children who are learning disabled in the field of mathematics. I do innovative teaching that helps children in the primary level love Math. On the day of compassion this year I chose a school situated in the slums for fishermen. Many of these people were affected by the Tsunami of 2004 as the slum is close to the beach. I shared with the teachers and children of this school some of the play way techniques to learn Math concepts. The day I spent with them was so rewarding that I have promised to come once a week to teach these children. This will help the teachers teach the concepts well and the children will enjoy learning.

Our Plan

My project will help children LEARN and that too in a very happy fun way so the spark to learn is ignited . Once the spark is ignited there is no limit to the success of these kids. I will do it by my regular visits to teach the teachers and the children.

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