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The Problem

We dream that when people see the facts about how bad whaling has become, we hope you can help the whales by donating to charitys, contact the good guys and persuade the whalers that this needs to stop! It is devasting!!!!

Our Plan

We hope that our project will persuade people like you and me to take a stand against whaling. We will be doing this by spreading the word and get people to spread the news to people who don't know the damage done by whaling and try to persuade them to do something about it. Personaly, my partner and I will be creating a presentation to persuade our entire class to join the cause. To help, you can visit this website http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/whale-wars/about-whaling/voice/ and contact the people that care. You can contact us at wongj2@s.dcsdk12.org and uptgraftcj@s.dcsdk12.org too. We encourage you learn more about whaling and join the cause! STOP WHALING!!!! Also please read the two paragraphs below. THANKS!!!-------------------------------------------- It’s Not A Game---------------------------------------- Think about it, what if there was a game, super hi-def, Plasma TV screen, best rated game of the century. All it is about, is killing whales, boats, they drive wave after wave after wave of whales, your job is to kill them. Hundreds thousands, realistic like you're doing it in real life? You might say, “But it’s not real, it would never happen in real life.” But the truth is, it’s happening everywhere in the world even as you are reading or being read to. Whales are being killed in places like Norway, Japan, Faeroe Islands, and Iceland. There are many ways that these intelligent beasts die from humans. Fishing nets, commercial whaling, and worst of all, some people are doing this just for fun. Could you do that, could you play that video game killing all those whales all for fun? Would you? The killing needs to STOP!!! Now we all have a question... Shatter the tradition, the killing, the mass slaughter, or shatter their lives. Whaling and commercial whaling is the biggest thing that is killing the whales. 10-58 species are being affected including the occasional dolphin. All of the whales that died from unnatural causes is around 320,000. The total amount of meat is 1,216,000,000 lb. which is one billion two hundred sixteen million lb. of whale meat. If you look up whaling pictures it is horrible. Most of the whales are just lying there dead, waiting to be butchered. Imagine the whales were the smart animals, and they were hunting us. Building massive vehicle that moved on land and they would swoop in and catch us, then butcher us and sometimes just for entertainment. Also know, pollution is also a may major problem. For example, operation toxic gulf is a project trying to stop a leak when one of BP’s major oil pipes exploded and they didn’t fix it. A scary result of thousands of gallons of untreated crude oil oozing into the Gulf of Mexico. If you thought that all that stuff was bad this is almost worst, fishing nets trap whales, porpoises, and dolphins. The death toll is around 300,000 whales, porpoises, and dolphins. Now I believe most of you have watched Dolphin Tale, and if you haven't then you have heard of Winter. She was caught in a crab trap and had to get her tail amputated. if the fisherman could have not been so careless when placing the trap, winter wouldn’t have to go through all that pain. Winter was lucky that the fisher and Soyer was there to help. otherwise winter would have died from sunburn and dry skin. Winter’s skin would have cracked which is very painful and she could also could have died from blood loss at low tide. Also, whales, dolphins, and porpoises are mammals so they need oxygen to breath. So if they are caught in a net underwater, they will die from lack of oxygen resulting in a slow and scary death. There are many traditions involving killing whales. For example, in the Faroe Islands, people will go on what they call grinds. People drive the whales towards shore with boats and people start to hack at their spinal cords and cut off their head. A horrible weapon that some people will use is explosive harpoons or grenade tipped spears. They literally explode in the whale's flesh. What if that happened to you, a little tiny bomb exploded in your arm. That would really hurt. About 1-200 whales are killed in each grind depending on the size of the pod and also how many people are participating. The water turns blood red, and whales lay dead in the water. Japan and Norway are also places that hunt from traditions and for feeding people. Japan killed 866 whales in the 2006/07 season of hunting. Norway took 545 in the same hunting season. Iceland is getting better and the numbers of whales killed has been decreasing. Minke whales at a population of 761,000 exists in the Southern Ocean according to Japan, though some claim the number is closer to 268,000. Just remember the bombs, and sharp weapons they use. The whaling needs to stop! There are many ways you can help. Vist http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/whale-wars/about-whaling/voice/ and contact any of the important people that can help and are working for a good cause. Also, visit https://rootsandshoots.org/project/whaling-norway-and-japan and convince others to contribute to the cause. There is so much you can do. Remember the game, remember everything they do and how cruel it is. Keep in mind, the bombs. I still can’t get over that they put explosives in the animals flesh. So when you see whaling, hear about it, anything! Just remember... That you can help. You can stop it, so when you set down the controller, just remember, it’s not a game. Shatter the Tradition or Shatter Lives

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