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    Redlands, California
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The Problem

Whale mAPP is a great opportunity for everyone around the world to contribute data that will help scientists with their research. My wish for this project is to engage more and more people to work as citizen scientists and such help to make the world a little bit better for marine mammals. Make sure to visit www.whalemapp.org and see how YOU can make a difference!

Our Plan

Whale mAPP is a system of mobile and web applications that were developed by Dr. Lei Lani Stelle to provide a consistent method for the public to submit observations of marine mammals. The mobile application utilizes GPS-enabled smart phones or tablets to automatically track the user’s path to provide information on effort, and a simple interface for recording the relevant data. Whale mAPP works globally, with region-specific species lists and the ability to record data without cell phone connectivity, making it applicable for remote areas as well. Data is later synched to an online geodatabase that is freely accessible to researchers and the public. Public education is an equally important goal, so the website includes biological facts of all marine mammals, images, and videos focusing on conservation research and is regularly updated to the latest scientific findings. www.whalemapp.org

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