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The Problem

My wish for this project is that my students will create positive and good relationships with our community service members. This includes: police officers, sheriff's deputies, fire fighters, and EMTs. Students will also work on their writing skills through creating these cards.

Our Plan

Creating a strong bond between community and school is an important part of the development of children. Students sometimes don't always get to see some public service members until they are in an emergency situation. These public service members also work day in and day out while sometimes never getting a "Thank You" for the work they put in for the community. Students will be creating thank you cards and letters (great writing practice and an art outlet!) throughout the year using the requested markers, pencils, paper and glue to be given to various agencies in the community including: Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Fire Departments, EMT's, Dispatch, etc. As an added bonus, some of these members will be given the opportunity to come and eat lunch with students and talk about how math and technology play into their jobs. In previous years, this project has not only been beneficial for my students, but also for the public service members. Previous students created cards for the handlers of K9s who had passed away in the state of Georgia. These cards were placed into memorial boxes at a K9 Memorial Event (We Ride to Provide) that occurs once every year. Students even went on to collect spare change to purchase a first aid kit for a Police K9.

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