Western Monarchs of the Willamette Valley

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    Salem, Oregon
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    Any Age

The Problem

Our students are interested in returning the Western Monarch butterfly to the Willamette Valley region. Most recently in the nearby town of Stayton, our mentor Stephanie Hazen observed a Western Monarch laying eggs on Showy milkweed in June of 2022. Our students want to specifically create a garden that would attract and support the Monarch population.

Our Plan

Our garden space is located in an open field on our campus that currently contains grass and Western Bluebird nesting boxes. We want to place a small fence around the area so that students don’t disturb the ground after planting. Then, the students will plant native milkweed and flowering plants that attract Monarchs. Students will present information to their school and write an article for the school newsletter. Two student leaders are developing a website with the actions a community can take to help its endangered species. If successful, the students want to adopt a local community park and add another location for the Western Monarch.

Themes Addressed

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    Endangered Species
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    Migratory species

The Benefit

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