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    6 of October
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The Problem

I wish for people to gain awareness of how life should be governed by values and principles leading to overall wellness and health, creating a life-long happiness for everyone. I wish people would be more aware of how they should treat their souls, bodies and others. I would like them to learn how to create a strong connection with theirselves, understanding their passions and goals, translating dreams into actions.

Our Plan

First, awareness posters could be hung in schools, universities and workplaces including any advice that you can think of! If you had recently read about a food that is good for you, write it down clearly on paper and hang it on the wall, making it accessible for everyone to see. People might learn something new, and it could transform them into better individuals in many aspects. Include advice about food, overall health, inspirational quotes, lists of really good books, etc. my project strted up that and some students are really happy reading them each day. Another thing is, initiating social change. If you are still a student, think of ways to inspire children to abide to values as they grow up. Talk to your teachers, school supervisors of projects that would help acheive that. For example, writing essays on good values, carrying put donation projects, researching on healthy food, starting up a day of compassion, recycling at school.. etc. My school is organising an event on the 21st of March to give more. I told my headmistress to organise a day of compassion for students, and everyone should wrote an account of how it felt like. Many people in my country think it isnt wrong to throw litter, so in the future, i plan to collect members and clean our city, making banners near trash cans to throw litter in the correct areas and so-forth.

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The Benefit

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