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    Buford, Georgia
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The Problem

To help new students feel special and welcome when they move to our school.

Our Plan

My school's character traits are built around our falcon mascot. One of the four talons stands for service. My classroom brainstormed areas in our school that could use special attention. The majority of the students wanted to focus on ways to make new students feel more welcome. One way the children thought we could address this issue was by having a welcome bag ready when new students register. The student decorated welcome bag would include a first day of school snack and drink, as well as a "welcome to our school" bookmark, pencil, a handwritten note from one of our students, a coupon for an ice cream in our lunchroom, a school button, sticker, piece of candy to remind them to have a "sweet" first day at Friendship, etc. This bag would be given to the child after registering by one of our students at the beginning of a tour of our school.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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