Weekly Trash Cleanups

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    San Diego, California
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The Problem

Littering is a problem anywhere where humans live!! According to hampton.gov, "51 billion pieces of litter are released on American roadways each year." This is only in the US!! Imagine how much there will be in the entire world. Solving it all at once may be hard to think about, but taking small steps like just cleaning your local communities can help a lot.

Our Plan

So I got a few of my friends together and cleaned a park near our homes every week for three weeks of December. Just cleaning for half an hour can make a huge impact. I would like to give credit to everyone who was able to come and help. I would like to give extra appreciation to my good friends Vivian Butchko and Brandon Moore for helping me coordinate and organize these events.

Themes Addressed

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    Zero Waste

The Benefit

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