We Recycle @ OLMA

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    Syosset, New York
  • Status
  • Age Level
    14 to 18 Years

The Problem

Our Township does not collect recycling from our school. This means that we put all of our recyclable materials into the landfill bins on campus. Green Team members volunteer with local beach clean-ups and see plastic everywhere. Many of these items are single-use plastics, just like the ones we throw away on a daily basis. Plastics pollute our oceans and our beaches, and they threaten our wildlife.

Our Plan

Because Earth is one of the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy, we decided to create our own recycling program. Green Team members created signs to designate one bin for recyclables in classrooms where more than one was available. The students will take turns bringing bottles and cans to return locations where they will collect the deposit funds. All monies collected will be donated to a local non-profit organization that promotes marine conservation.

Themes Addressed

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    Ocean Pollution & Acidification
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The Benefit

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