“We need plants like plants need us”

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The Problem

Students chose working on the improvement of the green areas in our school. There are four basic problems that worry them: children tear leaves and damage bushes, garbage found in green áreas, little children eat plants students find areas where there is only dirt and something could be planted

Our Plan

• Make signs and posters to put around the green areas of our school saying: “Don´t tear the plants”, “Don´t play with the plants”, “Don´t touch the plants”, “Don´t eat the plants”. • Watering the plants and the tree: Have a class with a gardener that can explain to us how much water the plants need. Then we make a schedule to go around school watering the plants. • Plant seeds in the dirt areas (ex: next to the auditorium) We can bring seeds from home. The gardener would teach us how to plant them. • Visit the classrooms to explain our plant problems- visual media: PPT presentation, videos (acting), popplet, song. We could present it in the assembly – 3rd-5th grade Groups visit PK-2 grade classes. • Plant bodyguards: Everyday, three of us will bring a green t-shirt. In recess we will stand in the tree area, hall in front of the auditorium and hall in front of the cafeteria to protect the plants in these areas. (the whole class rotates so everyone can be a plant bodyguard).

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