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    Danbury, Connecticut
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The Problem

This form only allows us to check three boxes for the "focus of your project," but we would also like to state that Beautification and Indigenous Communities should also be included. Our wish is to create a garden on our Midtown campus that is self-sustaining and environmentally responsible. The long-term goals for the garden include producing food for the dining commons and local community, bringing new visitors onto campus, creating a gathering place for reflection, picnicking, concerts, etc., supporting educational and research projects, and incorporating Native American agricultural practices and values, .

Our Plan

We will create the garden in a 10x10m space allotted to us by the university. We have teamed up with Ryan Harb and Jono Neiger of Amhurst, MA to create a design that will meet our goals and thrive. A Garden Dream Team of students and faculty are in charge of design decisions. The Team is networking with outside groups such as the CT chapter of the National Organic Farmers Association, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and Sodexo to gather support in forms of monetary contributions, as well as labor. Soil preparation is already underway, thanks to the effort of several faculty and students. Planting will begin in late spring. Plants will be donated or purchased with grant money. Garden maintenance should be minimal (if we design it right), but will be undertaken by volunteers, including the Dream Team. Watch our progress at : http://www.wcsu.edu/goodall/permculture.asp#updates

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

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