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The Problem

The goal of this program is to address the ongoing need for clean, fresh water in our drought-ridden community. Students will learn about the water cycle, pollution, and the engineering challenges that will face future generations in the task of providing adequate and safe water for all of our everyday uses. We have been so used to the seemingly endless supply of water that we don't think about how much technology and work has gone into creating aqueducts, water treatment facilities, desalination processes and everything else that lets us get the water out of the ground or the ocean and bring it to our homes. Students will imagine what changes might be made to continue to do this in the future, and explore both potential careers and strategies to conserve water. This program challenges students to create solutions to address the challenges posed by the chronic water shortages faced by our community.

Our Plan

Our "Water Works for Us" project will educate our school community about challenges created by living in a community that suffers from chronic droughts. Students will read about the water cycle, water treatment plants, water conservation, and pollution. They will learn the extreme measures taken by our community to address the water needs of a large, urban population living in a dry, Mediterranean biome. Students will receive visits from various professionals from the Department of Water & Power. In addition, they will take a field trip to a local wetlands area that filters reclaimed water. Finally, students will create a campaign promoting water awareness and conservation on our campus. They will create an informational power point and stickers to share with other members of our school community. They will promote their campaign by writing a column for our school newspaper, the Toluca Times.

Themes Addressed

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