“Water we going to do – Rain barrel project”

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    Calabasas, California
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The Problem

Project Title – “Water we going to do” MUSE school environmental project for the fall of 2015 is to identify locations to where to place rain barrels around the school campus to collect rainfall. We are anticipating a good rainfall season in southern California (Calabasas area) as El Nino is expected this fall. We plan to re-purpose the rainfall to water non-edible foliage on our school campus.

Our Plan

The campaign will be successful once the rain barrels are put into place from the first storm and this captured water is used for first time. Although the school will celebrate this event and its first rainfall, this will be so necessary for so many other regions in this area. It will be important to document the results in a positive way for the school and for the local community. We plan to have some type of placard near to the rain barrel acknowledging the kids who worked on this and explaining what the rain barrel does.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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The Benefit

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