Water Pollution (Causes and Cures)

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    Valley, Alabama
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The Problem

We want to make kids aware of pollution in our rivers, lakes and oceans. We want kids to be aware of their part in pollution and educate them on what they can do to prevent water pollution.

Our Plan

We are going to watch videos on the severity of the pollution in our waters, and discuss the videos. Next, we have developed a game where the kids will make fish bags, and "eat" bottle caps from the water. Some bottle caps represent food and some represent pollution. The kids will not be told which bottle caps represent food and which represent pollution. After all the kids have filled their fish with "food" we will determine how many healthy v/s unhealthy fish were in our waterway. The rough ratio of bottle caps is 2 parts good food, one part pollution. Next, we will take our fish on a nature walk and have them put various items in their bags. The stuff they pick up will be used to show how easy it is to pollute water, but how hard it is to clean up the water once it has been polluted. We will make water filters from two liter bottles, coffee filters, cotton balls, sand and rocks and see just how clean we can get the water that we pollute. Would also like to take a trip to the local waste water treatment plant.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water

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