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The Problem

We hope to help the people who can't drink safe water in Southwest China with our best. Through this project, we hope we could raise the awareness of helping others among people around us. In addition, as high students, we hope to improve our abilities and gain experiences from this project.

Our Plan

Our goal is to help a place in China to purify their polluted water since they are lack of money and technic to achieve it. First of all, We will find a particular village in China where the water does not reach safe drinking water standard. After getting the permission from local government, we will contact a environmentalist and figure out what kind of treatments we need. Base on the solution, we will determine the expense and make a plan of fund raising. We will sell the collected bottles from school to recycling company. We will raise awareness of water issue among students through poster and social network. During summer vacation, we will bring the money to China and buy the equipments they need. We will schedule a time with local and fly over there to install the equipments with their help. We will track the quality of water to see if our help works in the next 6 months. We will record the data of villages we helped for further study and helping other places in the future.

Themes Addressed

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