Water for Wildlife

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    Galena, Illinois
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    Any Age

The Problem

Our community is full of barren lawns that don't provide much wildlife habitat and our children and other residents have lost touch with nature. Our goal is to increase people's access to the outdoors and reconnect them with nature by increasing habitat throughout town. To this end, we are partnering with our library and local conservation groups to present programs on native plants and landscaping, and we are working with our city to get certified as a "Bird City Illinois" through the Audubon Council of Illinois.

Our Plan

One of the programs we want to present is about providing water sources for backyard wildlife. We will have a speaker and we will demonstrate building simple mini-ponds to support wildlife. The mini-ponds consist of a bucket, planting medium, oxygenating plant, ramp and perches. We will distribute kits to everyone who signs up so they can install it at their home. This will create a network of wildlife water sources across town. People will interact with nature by collecting pond materials and observing what wildlife shows up at their pond. We will feature these mini-ponds on social media and as part of our "Bird City Illinois" certification.

Themes Addressed

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    Biodiversity Loss
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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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