Waste Warriors Corbett

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    Ramnagar, periphery of Corbett Tiger Reserve
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The Problem

Waste Warriors is a not for profit organisation and a registered society with a mission to provide affordable and sustainable waste management solutions that improve our environment, health and quality of life through a combination of direct action, liaison, education and awareness raising. We currently manage: 1) a rural project in Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh), 2) an urban project in Dehradun (Uttrakhand), 3) and our first initiative in a protected area around the Corbett Landscape (Uttrakhand) 4) Apart from this, we also manage waste for large gathering, events, marathons, IPL matches, music festivals and so on. The team at Corbett seeks to introduce a system of waste management in an area (stretching over 150 villages and 100 kms) where no system currently exists. Since our launch in October 2013 we have expanded to 47 locations including 38 villages, 5 forest rest house complexes, 3 entry gates of Corbett Tiger Reserve, an ayurvedic factory area, 3 PWD bungalows, an Eco Tourism Centre & a Forest office compound. We collect, process, transport, store & dispose waste from over 2500 homes, 300 shops, 57 schools & 3 temple complexes. We have already provided training on sustainable waste management to 10 hotels around the Corbett Landscape and educate over 3000 children from our 57 member schools. Our mission includes: 1) Awareness raising for the community members including schools, homes, shops, government departments, hotels and other tourism outfits. 2) Providing a sustainable waste management system to each member in the society. 3) Improving living standards for the local communities around Corbett Landscape. 4) Increasing livelihood options for the local community. We would like to introduce the Roots & Shoots program to our community members. There is so much to learn, share and improve!

Our Plan

We would like to learn from the Roots and Shoots program, how to work more effectively with the community; not just with providing sustainable waste management solutions (to people around protected areas where no system of waste management has ever existed) but also with improving living standards and increasing livelihood options for the community members.

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The Benefit

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