Waste Reduction

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The Problem

My wish is that students will find their own motivation for recycling by taking ownership over our school's recycling program and that they will gain the knowledge necessary to inform their peers about the importance of waste reduction.

Our Plan

The students are planning to expand our school's current recycling program. Currently we recycle only bottles and cans. Students are interested in recycling other products such as paper and food waste. Also, my students are concerned about the amount of non-recyclable trash that other students are putting in the recycling bins. They would like to create educational campaigns to inform their peers about the importance of recycling through presentations, videos and posters. They will work in groups to focus on different aspects of the project. Some students will pilot composting during lunch and snack times. Other students will work on creating presentations, videos and posters to inform their peers. Other students will create posters to place near recycling bins to help students sort trash and recycling correctly.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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