Volunteering at Taronga Zoo

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The Problem

My wish is to gain as much experience as I can in this field so that later I can use what I have learnt at the zoo, and apply it to career that I would like to have in wildlife research and conservation. I also want to spread the messages and campaigns that the zoo supports in order to educate the general public about the plight of many of the threatened species in the world. Through volunteering I hope to come across amazing opportunities that will teach me many things about animals and the environment, and leave me with memorable experiences!

Our Plan

I will hopefully make my wish a reality by continuing my volunteer work with Taronga's Youth At The Zoo (YATZ) program. So far it has inspired me to do what I love and given me an insight into the incredible world of animals. YATZ has provided me with multiple opportunities such as overseas conservation trips. In the next 5 years of the program there will be several opportunities that arise as well as chances to continue working for Taronga and their conservation cause.

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