Volunteer Force against Hepatitis Transmission

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    Lahore and Rawalpindi / Islamabad
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The Problem

We have been working to prevent Hepatitis in Pakistan due to which millions of Pakistani’s are suffering and losing their lives ! This disease can be prevented by awareness and by taking some basic precautions. Our aim is Hepatitis free Pakistan and I wish to pursue this to other countries and make this a global affair !

Our Plan

We have been doing awareness campaigns at schools, villages and other areas ! Visiting hospitals and arranging seminars to end this menace ! If you support us we can come to other developed countries and take our work further ahead with your kindness and guidance! Humanity lies beyond everything ! We wish to take it further by spreading awareness regarding Tuberculosis and other preventable diseases! Moreover I also wish to work for women empowerment and child education ! I would like Dr Jane to have a kind look at my project and support me ! You can also see our website www.vfaht.org for further details! Regards , Dr.Atika Maryam

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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