Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences Food Donation Program

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    Granada Hills, California
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  • Project created by VAAS

The Problem

Our team noticed two things. One, our campus was producing large amounts of food waste. This food was typically untouched and would be perfectly fine to give to someone else, however it was being thrown away. Two, there is a large population of homeless in our community that we would like to help. We set out to create a plan that would help with both issues. Through this project, we wish to reduce food waste on our campus and community by giving it to those in need.

Our Plan

Ideally, we want to collect the uneaten and unwanted food from breakfast and lunch on campus that would be thrown away otherwise. This food would be kept in a separate fridge in our cafeteria and then be transported to a local nonprofit and given to those who need it.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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