Valentines for the Elderly

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    Lafayette, Alabama
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The Problem

To enhance the day of elderly people in the community and foster a sense of compassion in the students, by showing children that you don't have to make a huge donation or give a big fancy gift to someone in order to show them that you care. The craft we make will be made with recycled cereal boxes. We try to weave an element of recycling in everything we do with the children. Recycling facilities are not provided in their small community and we are the only exposure that so many of these children have to recycling. We want to teach them about recycling so they can teach it to others and be ready to recycle when the opportunity arises.

Our Plan

This project will hopefully bring smiles and happiness to the residents of two nursing homes and teach the children about compassion for other people. The children will make Valentine's Day cards on plain white cardstock and add their free hand art work. An inside message will be printed and each child will paste it inside of their handmade card. In addition to the cards, the kindergarten children will make a craft uses recycled cereal boxes by painting multiple random patterns onto the brown side of the box, putting them through a die cutter and making two hearts. The hearts will be turned into one of a kind hanging crafts for each resident. We will make short videos of some of the children expressing what they learned or how the project made them feel.

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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