Urban community garden Ouagadougou / Jardin partagé Ouagalais

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The Problem

In this barren and polluted township of Ouagadougou, many women try to make a living by making and selling bricks. We aim to create an organic community garden ('jardin partagé') for urban farming. Our wish for this community garden is to strengthen bonds between the neighbourhood women, as well as to restore a positive and respectful connection between people and their natural environment. Furthermore, these organic farmers-to-be will be able to improve their families' diets as well as to make a little money by selling their harvests' surplus.

Our Plan

A group of women will receive a training to plant local trees and grow nutritive vegetables. They will learn how to prepare seedbeds and how to transplant seedlings. They will have a plot of land where they can farm throughout the year. We will start with a small plot and a select group of women first, and the whole project will be coordinated and closely monitored by one of the R&S members, a resident of this township.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices

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