Upper Arkansas River Airshed

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    Buena Vista, Colorado
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    14 to 18 Years
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The Problem

By commencing with a defined airshed that follows the natural drainage of the Upper Arkansas River, Chaffee County citizens can contribute to community discussions regarding \'How Much Is too Much\'--in terms of major & minor sources of air pollution, visibility impairment, air quality monitoring, opacity readings and a suite of community-based discussions that will maintain or enhance the integrity of our regional airshed.

Our Plan

I am proposing to initiate dialogue on promoting air pollution prevention--this project will dovetail with the soon-to-be started \'Envision Chaffee County\' project. By creating a air quality stakeholders group, we will be able to contribute to the comprehensive environmental health discussion, but focus on specifics that include: a current inventory of stationary sources (asphalt batch plants, gravel pits, cement kilns, industrial air pollutants), mobile sources (including vehicle emissions), natural sources (fugitive dust, wildfires) and related air pollutants. We will enhance this inventory with meteorologic data, wind direction & temp data.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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The Benefit

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