Understanding the role of wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Area

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The Problem

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is the last remaining large, nearly intact ecosystems in the in the lower 48 states. Disagreement in wildlife management is always debated, the area is home to many keystone species, such as Grizzly Bears, Beavers and Wolves. These two animals play a unique and crucial role in the way the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem functions. Wolves and Bears have been feared, hated, and persecuted for hundreds of years in North America. Before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans incorporated the predators into their legends and rituals. European Americans, however, simply despised the predators and to this day, many people believe they should be eradicated throughout the west and removed from the ecosystem. Without these two keystone species, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem would be dramatically different or cease to exist altogether. In an effort to protect and preserve bears, wolves and their habitat, this team would like to develop and provide education/information and outreach campaigns to school aged children who are the next best stewards for the future protection for these two keystone species.

Our Plan

Develop an afterschool club for students who will discover the role of keystone species conservation and the protection of ecosystems. Students will have the opportunity to meet with local non-governmental organizations and conservation groups involved in wildlife preservation. Each group session of 5-7 students will agree upon a wildlife protection action, learn about the role and importance of that species in the environment and the threats and challenges they face, and develop an education campaign for the community for the protection for that species.

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