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The Problem

we the students of Panjab University, Chandigarh have already been working for providing blood for patients in emergency need and also working for eye donation, community kitchen and working for blind students. we have a circle of around 500 students from different institutions around the Chandigarh. The idea behind this project is to bring harmony in the community, we want to send a message in the society that everyone should voluntarily donate blood regardless of colour, caste, class or religion. in this project we wish to provide at least 100 units of blood/platelets in hospitals for patients of blood cancer, thalassemia, road accidents and in baby delivery cases or anyone who need blood/platelets. we wish to achieve this target in one month.

Our Plan

we are starting this project from 24 july, 2014. in this project we will try to provide blood or platelets to the needy patients. We will do campaign in different departments of the university and other educational institutes for blood and eye donations. we will also try to convince new donors to join this noble cause.

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