Tyto (Barn-Owl): “harbingers of death” or the farmer’s best friend?

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The Problem

We wish this project will make students realise that they are part of the environment and motivate them to get involved and take action on decision making for its protection.

Our Plan

This project aims to raise awareness about the effects of illegal use of poisoned baits in the natural environment, biodiversity and society. More specifically, we will educate students of semi-urban environments on the effects of pesticides against rodents on the trophic webs, using Tyto alba (Barn-owls) as a case study. Moreover, we will build and place nest-boxes around schools and provide students with instructions on how to build their own. In this way, we are setting an example on how rodent populations can be locally controlled by barn-owls rather than pesticides.

Themes Addressed

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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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