Turtle Protection in Andover MA

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    Andover, Massachusetts
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The Problem

Andover has a large wild turtle habitat in Fish Brook which is split by High Plain Road. As turtles cross from one side to the other, they are commonly killed by cars, particularly after it rains or during the months of May- October. We hope to raise awareness in our community about the large number of turtles which inhabit it. Due to so many of them being killed as they cross a bridge throughout the year, we hope to help people realize that not only are these magnificent creatures here, but they also deserve to be protected.

Our Plan

Our primary goal is to raise awareness. We will achieve this goal by hosting fun craft nights in which members of the community will help us make turtle bracelets, as well as learn about wildlife conservation and turtle protection. We will also sell “I Stop for Turtles” bumper stickers. All proceeds will go towards the Andover Conservation Committee which will use the money towards wildlife conservation measures.

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