Tuleyome’s Certified California Naturalist Program

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    Woodland, California
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The Problem

We wish to train members of the public to become Certified California Naturalists in the Berryessa Snow Mountain region of northern California.

Our Plan

Do you love nature? Do you want to learn more about local plant, animal and insect species? Do you want to learn about volunteer opportunities related to the natural environment? Tuleyome is teaming up with the University of California's extension program and the Woodland Public Library to teach members of the public how to become Certified California Naturalists! No advanced degrees or previous naturalist experience is required. Founded in 2002, Tuleyome is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit conservation organization based in Woodland, CA. Our mission reads: “Tuleyome engages in advocacy and active stewardship with diverse communities to conserve, enhance, restore, and enjoy the lands in the region.” One of the ways we will be implementing our mission will be by offering a Certified California Naturalists course to the public. We are working in partnership with the University of California (UC) and the Woodland Library to present the classes. The UC has already vetted our teaching staff and supplied us with a basic curriculum which we augmented to reflect the region around the new Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument. ((It was Tuleyome who spearheaded the campaign that lead to the monument’s proclamation under President Obama in July of 2015.)) We now seek to train members of the public as naturalists so they can volunteer as docents and educators in the Berryessa Snow Mountain region! The California Naturalist Program allows Californians to help protect and preserve our unique and diverse wildlife, habitats, river, lakes and coastal resources, wild and urban alike. By signing up for the course with Tuleyome, you also become a CERE Guardian -- an active member of the public dedicated to Conserving, Enhancing, Restoring and Enjoying our regional public lands and open spaces -- and will receive a special pin at the completion of the course.

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    Community Enhancement
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