Treasure Island YMCA visits Garden at AT&T Park’s Outdoor Classroom for Kids

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    San Francisco, California
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The Problem

Our mission is to connect children and our larger community directly to the origins of their food and to inspire them to make healthy and responsible food choices. This week, our students are of a mixed-age level so we want to introduce our sustainability concepts on a more general level. Our wish is for them to grasp the connections between the food they harvest in the garden, the colors of the food they put in their body and how it nourishes them, and the amount of waste produced by throwing away food.

Our Plan

It is important for us to wrap-up the lesson plan and ask them questions about things they learned. We’re testing out a few ways to do this to see which is more effective – will they respond more enthusiastically one-on-one or as a group? Will they actually be able to answer some of the questions posed to them? Examples: Individually, “can you trace the dinner you ate last night back to the soil?” As a group, “what are some of the behaviors you can do differently at home to make a difference?”

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Food Choices
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The Benefit

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