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    Miami, Florida
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The Problem

Let's face it. Not all people own vehicles and there are some people who want to reduce stress or CO2 emissions from driving. Miami Public Transit isn't utilized as much as it should, despite there being existing systems that are more efficient (such as the MetroBus and MetroMover). What if a bus stop could have the power to bring families from Downtown Miami to Wynwood in a safe, invigorating, and engaging way?

Our Plan

Wynwood is a growing community where art is fostered and expanding. Being exposed to this as children and young adults will improve their creativity and relationship with humanities and liberal arts. We will be able to easily locate a bus stop on N. Miami Ave from Downtown right at the edge of the Wynwood District. We will also be more active, happier, healthier, more connected and safer when riding public transportation. We have applied to a non-fro profit Miami-Dade Quick Build Challenge where it could have the chance to have support and be implemented by the community! Progress will be updated.

Themes Addressed

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    Peace & Safety

The Benefit

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