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The Problem

The "Mañiihta" Children's Turtle Club is a group of low-income children in Bogotá, who have fallen in love with sea turtles and specialize in their knowledge. The meeting point at the community library, where they learn about sea turtles and how to protect them. We hope to know the sea and of course, the sea turtles, understanding that all human beings should show respect for other sensitive creatures. The "Mañiihta" Children's Turtle Club is part of the Foundation Tourtugas environmental education program in partnership with Pillkomayo Foundation.

Our Plan

Each week we conduct an activity on sea turtles (life cycle, feeding, hazards, etc.), visits to museums and documentary projection, for children to take ownership of the species, as well as the different knowledge and cultures around the turtles Marine We are search donations to organize the trip for the children, to the city of Santamarta, so that they know the sea and some sea turtles, so that they can put into practice the knowledge that they have acquired.

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