Tobacco Awareness through Art

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The Problem

Our wish is for more people to stop using tobacco products and learn about the dangers of them so that they never start. The Monfort Torch Club will host an art show that will be open to the community. The art show will serve as a way to educate younger youth Boys& Girls Club members, parents, and the wider community about the dangers of smoking and other tobacco use. They youth are working together to create the art, organize the art show, and publicize it in the community.

Our Plan

The problem that our group’s campaign is trying to address is concern for the health of the community and trying to prevent the use of tobacco products that lead to increased health risks. The goal is for the Torch Club members to educate the community and prevent first time use of tobacco products as well as communicating the dangers to current users of tobacco products with the goal that they will take the steps to ends their tobacco habit. Currently 13.4% of adults in Weld County are smokers, and it is even more troubling 19% of high school age youth are smokers. This does not take into account of smokeless tobacco or electric cigarettes that are becoming increasing popular. According to the Tobacco-Free Coalition of Weld County: • Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death. Roughly 4,300 Coloradoans die every year from tobacco-related diseases. This is more than from AIDS, car accidents, alcohol, murders, heroin, crack, cocaine, suicide, and fires combined. • Every year more than 11,000 Colorado youth become daily tobacco users. More than 630,000 Coloradoans are regular smokers. • Tobacco contains more than 4,000 chemicals including 60 cancer-causing agents. The Monfort Torch Club is tackling this problem at the community level by organizing an art show about the dangers of tobacco use. The group work together to identify ways that would best educate the community about this problem through group discussions. Originally they wanted to create a public service announcement. They also considered writing a book for younger children but decided that an art show would be able to attract more people in the community. Every aspect, including the creation of original art pieces is organized by the kids. The art show will occur in mid-April, 2014. Younger children, parents, students at local schools, and the larger community will be invited to attend. One of the greatest ways that will determine if this campaign is successful will be how many people attend the art show. Besides attendance, there will be a comment box available for the attendees to share what they learned and how the art made them think about tobacco use.

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