Tiptoeing Through the Buzzing Tulips

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    Kennesaw, Georgia
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The Problem

Our wish is to turn an unused space behind our school into a sanctuary for mason bees and other human-friendly pollinators. Our class wants to create walking paths through this sanctuary so that students and community members can visit the gardens and develop a greater appreciation for the importance of bees.

Our Plan

In a food web, everything depends on everything else. A single change can disrupt or even destroy an entire ecosystem. We learned that bee populations are in decline. Without bees to pollinate our plants, we could have a big problem on our hands. That is why our 4th grade classes have decided to work together to be at least a small part in revitalizing bee populations by building a bee sanctuary. Each class has taken on a specific role in the project, and our focus is on making the sanctuary an inviting place for students and community members to visit so they can enjoy nature and learn more about the importance of protecting pollinators. We will define paths in the sanctuary, build simple benches for seating, and create signs that help to educate visitors to the sanctuary.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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