This Is How We Grow

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    Gardena, California
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The Problem

We wish to transform our neglected rooftop into a roof garden, while learning what humans and plants need in order to grow.

Our Plan

Our project/unit is called "This Is How We Grow". The students did the campus mapping activity in order to conclude that the best, most open space we have on campus for creating a garden would be on our roof. We first mapped just the block of our school campus. Then, we put it on top of larger butcher paper to map the community. We next mapped the animal, environmental and human resources in teams. After discussing, we realized that we could use the roof to increase the human, animal and environmental activity on our campus. Students are now in the process of creating a proposal of what their roof would look like. From solar panels and garden beds to specific seeds and vertical gardens, each group is coming up with their proposal based on community needs, beautification, and our LA climate requirements.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement

The Benefit

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