The ZERO Waste movement

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    Greater Geelong, Victoria
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    Community-Based Program
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The Problem

Due to an increase in the amount of pollutants entering our water ways, impacting - not just the overall water quality - but the environment and wildlife which reside there, there has been an alarming drop in local endemic wildlife. Micro-plastics, fertilizers, herbicides and other foreign substances have wound their way into our oceans, wetlands, rivers and estuaries, permeating each layer of the ecosystem. This has a deadly drop-down effect; ultimately effecting each member of the food chain – including humans. But it’s not just literal trash we’re talking about. The time has come to address the sheer over-consumption of some of us. Wastage is present through every area of existence – food, energy, purchasing and so on. We cannot afford to live like this any longer. In a world of finite resources – it is time we reign in our infinite desires and take only what we need.

Our Plan

The principle is exactly what it says: waste nothing. Our mission is to clean up, restore and protect our ecosystems while combining the enriching practice of limiting personal waste. Together, we will employ all areas of renewal - reduce, reuse, recycle. Addressing some of the biggest waste issues out there, the ZERO Waste movement aims to empower people of our community and enact change in their daily lifestyle, including local businesses and services. Spanning from food to energy, litter to water, this program is determined to reduce - eliminate, even - overconsumption and careless usage and disposal. Programs such as Keep it Clean, Walks Against Waste, 24-Hour Waste Not Challenge and the W.A.W reduction plan, promote a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable future.

Themes Addressed

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    Responsible Consumption
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    Zero Waste

The Benefit

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