The University School Junior 4 Leatherback Turtle Project

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The Problem

The Leatherback Turtle Project is a service-learning project which aims to promote awareness of the impact of humans on the environment, to foster an appreciation for wildlife and the natural world and to encourage young students to see themselves as agents of change.

Our Plan

Through the Project students will learn about threats to the survival of the Leatherback turtle - a critically endangered sea turtle which nests along beaches in Trinidad and Tobago. This will include a visit by Nature Seekers, a community-based group on the East coast of Trinidad that has made significant strides in sea turtle conservation. The students will participate in activities to help reduce these threats including a beach clean-up in Matura to prepare the beach for the turtle nesting season. During the turtle nesting season they will go turtle watching to the same beach they helped prepare to see the giant turtles lay their eggs and to view hatchlings. Finally, the students will use various forms of communication in the advocacy phase of the project to share what they have learned and to raise awareness among the school community about ways in which the Leatherback turtle can be protected.

Themes Addressed

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