The Thriving Hive Project

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    San Marino, California
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The Problem

The Thriving Hive Project is about bringing awareness to my peers and community regarding the importance of sustaining the honeybee and other pollinators for food security, improving nutrition, and educating pollinator health. The Thriving Hive Project is important to pollinators like the honeybee who are responsible for 90% of the worlds flowering plants, and 1 out of 3 bites of food we come from these plants. This vital information that people need to know in-order to support biodiversity and the ecosystem. In order to fund raise I make and sell T-shirts and tote bags. If you want to help you can go to

Our Plan

The action timeline for The Thriving Hive Project will be 25 weeks. In this time our group will plant organic, non-genetically modified, Southern California native, drought - tolerant pollinating gardens at local schools and community gardens.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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