The Power of Sacred Places and Music

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    Houston, Texas
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The Problem

Through an integrative approach, an orchestra and a group of children under the leadership of RA will embark on an adventure that will lead them to develop a labyrinth as they attend and participate in the symphony's rehearsals and performances with the end result being a trip to Israel to recreate the project there.

Our Plan

The Power of Sacred Places and Music: Students study sacred places in conjunction with orchestral participation. As they move through both they begin to understand what a sacred place is, how different cultures, beliefs and religions or no belief in religion can still find an inner peace through the participation of building the labyrinth and allowing for all people to have a place to contemplate and relax. The orchestral aspect is part of the journey of sacred spaces, is music a sacred space, can all people find commonalities through music and the labyrinth. The culminating aspect of this project is visiting Israel and building a labyrinth with those in an orchestra and the young people they work with, in addition to a performance with everyone from the Houston and the Israel Orchestra. Everyone has the potential to work together peacefully regardless of differences. We can make this world a better place when we decide to learn from each other in a loving and accepting manner.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Peace & Safety

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