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    Manhattan, New York
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The Problem

We wish to teach kids to recycle in anyway they want to. We want the outcome to be life changing because most people don't realize what happens to the garbage they throw away. We wish that youth will think more about where everything goes but we want these kids to know that all this waste that is being thrown into the garbage is not good for the environment and that its not okay. We wish kids try to find different solutions to change removal of wastes or not selling a specific product because of how long it takes to break down.

Our Plan

Our project will teach kids that they can come together in their communities and plant seeds in their homes or even in their schools. We have asked our classmates in school and at home to help us gather recyclable bottles and yogurt containers. After we collected, we sorted, cut holes for the water to drain, and even added string to some of the planters. In the end, we will attend a harvest festival and get kids and family members involved and do a hands on activity. We will assist the kids in making their own little planter to have in their homes. The kids who participate in this we learn that doing things like having little planters we help us in having fresh air and it would look beautiful in a home.

Themes Addressed

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    Air Pollution
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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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