The Perfect Gift For The Kid Who Has Everything

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The Problem

To raise money and awareness for animals around the world, especially Chimpanzees.

Our Plan

The Perfect Gift For The Kid Who Has Everything In December of 2013, my friend, Allie Lynch, and I started a club called Roots and Shoots at our school. The goal of this club is to raise both awareness and money for the environment, both locally and around the world. Another goal is to educate people in ways to help or improve their environment. We started this club at CEMS because we thought that it would be a good way to help people connect with the environment they live in, or even connect with one halfway across the world. As a club, we brainstormed ideas to help raise money for Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots program and we came up with, what we thought, was a great idea. Our idea was that for a kid who doesn't want much for their birthday, and loves the environment should ask for a donation in their name to the Roots and Shoots program! So, if you've gotten everything you want for your birthday, or you don't want much, ask for a gift in the form of a donation to Roots and Shoots to help endangered species and the environment! It is a win-win for everyone!! Jane Goodall: She was born on April 3, 1934 and is now 80 years old. Ever since the start she loved animals, growing up on a farm. She once spent hours in a chicken pen, trying to figure out how hens lay eggs. She dreamed to go to Africa and work with animals, specifically chimpanzees. Her dream came true when she was 18 because a friend invited her to come to Africa. She got a waitressing job to save enough money. Finally she had enough, and she travelled to Africa. When she was there she met Louis Leakey, a famous scientist. Leakey soon hired her to be his secretary and invited her to participate in a fossil dig. Leakey had long believed that finding more about primates, would help answer lots of other questions. All other chimpanzee studies had been unsuccessful, but he decided to try again and put Jane on the job. Lots of experts questioned this, because Jane had no formal scientific training. She discovered some of the most important things about primates, and has since been studying and advocating for them all over the worl.

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