The Panda Power Challenge

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The Problem

After a very special school visit with Po, the Kung Fu Panda, the students at Rooftop School learned about the cultural significance of the Giant Panda to China. The third grade students learned about the bamboo forest and learned how saying no to disposable chopsticks can help the environment and the Giant Panda. Each student learned how to make their own bolang gu, a rattle-drum that is one of the oldest and most traditional toys in China. Students were invited to take The Panda Power Challenge: To work together in teams to come up with five moves that they could perform in synchrony while making some noise for pandas.

Our Plan

Students learned how to draw Po the Kung Fu Panda and read panda stories such as "Mrs. Harkness and the Panda." Students observed Giant Pandas live at the Chengdu Research Base via Giant Panda Cam and participated in a Virtual Field Trip to China's Great Forests with Nature Works. They learned about the importance of wildlife corridors and the deforestation of bamboo forests, the panda's primary source of food. The students learned about the number of disposable chopsticks that get thrown away after a single use each year (in China alone, 80 billion pairs require the chopping of 20 million trees). We made a pledge to request reusable utensils or BYOC (bring your own chopsticks) and to speak up to help save the giant panda. The students created videos documenting their participation in the Panda Power Challenge and shared their efforts with the other grades.

Themes Addressed

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