The Missing Lynx

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The Problem

Our Roots and Shoots campaign is called, "The Missing Lynx". In this campaign, third graders are studying the Canada Lynx, which is an endangered species in Colorado. Their goal is to educate the public about the lynx and teach how we can help our remaining lynx continue to survive. Students were engaged in the project planning and investigation phase through community mapping. We decided to map Rocky Mountain National Park as part of the Roots and Shoots National Park Challenge. Before we mapped the area, students looked through the RMNP website. They found a page about the endangered animals at the park, and they found this very interesting. Students used Google Earth to explore the area, and created screen shots for their maps. After they mapped the area, we compiled the list of endangered animals at RMNP which third graders were interested in helping. I created a Google Form, and from there students voted on the Canada Lynx.

Our Plan

This summer we will help Rocky Mountain National Park teach their Protecting Predators class to educate the public about the lynx! During the campaign we used books about the lynx as well as books on CO habitats for our research. We also used materials from Your True Nature to inspire a lynx project with a literacy connection. Students created "Advice from the Lynx" bookmarks as a way to spread awareness about this species. We also used the program Lucidpress to create brochures about the lynx. This program was how the students published their research reports. -Kristine Mathiasen came to teach about Dr. Jane and service learning -Seth Beres, a Wildlife Manager from US Fish and Wildlife came to teach the third graders about animal adaptations in CO -Mary McCormac and Donna came from CO Parks and Wildlife to teach third graders about the lynx and the relationship between lynx and snowshoe hare -The third graders learned all about animal adaptations in an informative tour given by docents at the Denver Zoo -We received a lot of support from students' families and the school staff in terms of voting for our project! Also, we had a big community turn out for our Sustainability Fair which was held on Earth Day. The third graders created and marketed "Happy Plants" which were seed packets decorated with different slogans. We played our video at our booth and talked about our campaign. The students chose to donate the proceeds ($119) to Roots and Shoots. -RAFT in Denver is a great place for us to go for supplies -Michael Wunder, an assistant professor with the Dept. of Integrative Biology at CU came to teach about lynx reintroduction

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