The Knotty Elephant

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    Medford, Massachusetts
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The Problem

To raise public awareness, of the killing of elephants and other animals because of the publics need for palm oil. To get the public to buy products with sustainable palm oil, so elephants will not go extinct. To show the extinction, and variety of wildlife issues created from buying palm oil products. To educate the public on the harms caused to the environment and animals from palm oil usage.

Our Plan

We began our project in 2017. We plan on making a public service announcement on saving elephants by creating a video, for a variety of online sites. We are also thinking of creating a book, which will be promoted in the video, in which proceeds will go towards more public service awareness and adoption fees that will help orphaned elephants.

Themes Addressed

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    Endangered Species
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    Habitat Destruction
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    Palm Oil

The Benefit

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