The Importance of Water

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    Pulau Perhentian Kecil
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The Problem

Off the North Coast of Malaysia is the location of the beautiful Perhentian Islands home to the Sekolah Kebangsaan Pulau Perhentian school. The children decided for their next Roots and Shoots project to look at the importance of water in their community and the new solutions we can create to improve these issues. Water is a broad topic and I wish to educate the children from the basic foundations such as where it comes from, what we use it for and eventually develop the project to focus on how water is important to not only their community but also to humanity and nature. The Kampung weekly has regular water cuts that could last from just an hour to as long as a few days, another aspect I want to address is the high volume of water wastage. The final stage of this project will lead to looking further than the importance of water to the village and focus on deprived countries worldwide that live with no fresh water and what solutions they have created to tackle this. This may prove to be a difficult aspect to approach but I hope from this area of the project they will understand the value of water and feel more motivated to preserve it.

Our Plan

I want this project to not only be informative but give the children a real chance to connect with water and understand how it is vital to their community. Being surrounded by water means they daily enjoy a range of water activities including the famous jetty jumping, combining the enjoyment they gain from water I want the project to encourage them to create ways we can improve wastage and understand shortages. An important way to involve the children and keep them interested will be to utilise the time we have to conduct the project through hands on activities and exploring as many aspects of water we can. I want to create a mixture of educating through fun activities such as learning how to make different types of bubbles, growing their own plants, scientific experiments, village related activities and so on. By conducting the classes this way I hope that the children will really understand the importance of water and how we can tackle the water wastage especially.

Themes Addressed

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    Clean Water
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    Community Enhancement

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