The Heirloom Project

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    San Francisco, California
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The Problem

ArtsEd4All would like to help our pollinator friends - the bees, butterflies and birds - by inviting our friends and family to share the amazing gift of seeds! The Heirloom Project will encourage the harvesting and sharing of free seeds with friends. The project will also help by sharing stories and free resources about seed saving, planting and other small acts that can be taken to help pollinators, people and the environment.

Our Plan

Our small group of friends and family have been growing organic vegetables and planting native wildflowers. We discovered how fun it is to harvest and share our seeds with others. We decided to start our own seed sharing club to promote the health of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and ourselves! We begin The Heirloom Project with the seeds of three pollinator favorites: Milkweed, Lupine and California Poppy seeds. We will make our own seed packets from recycled materials and share what we have learned about harvesting and planting. We will share gardening tips, family recipes and stories. We will use citizen science to record our pollinator sightings and create a project website to record and share what we learn. We are spreading our love for seeds and Mother Earth!

Themes Addressed

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The Benefit

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