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The Problem

Our goal is to achieve long-term conservation of Mabogini/Rau forest reserve and develop well rational project which will support local people livelihood at the same time reduce impact to the forest area. The project with the collaboration with other stakeholders will provide local residents with the basic information, technical capacity and planning framework they need to manage the project and the available resources. OBJECTIVES *The alleviation of poverty in Mabogini village at 80%. *The provision of alternative source of income of local income for Mabogini village. *Improvement of local health standards through the use of bee products such as honey. *Promote environmental conservation practices Capacity building to local community on importance of forest and environmental protection through Trees planting. *To reduce pressure facing Mabogini reserve. *To provide training and bee keeping equipments. Project Description Our focus is looking to establish hundred {200} hives as a platform for the training and adoption of beekeeping practice in Mabogini village. This project is primarily concerned with reducing poverty among rural people. Beekeeping project focus to boost environmental enhancement and protection, income generation, health and hygiene condition improvement. Furthermore implementation of this project will promote welfare, unity, entrepreneurship, and leadership spirit among local people who live in Mabogini village.

Our Plan

Through FUNDERS & DONOR'S, The BEEKEEPING project will provide a continuous experience for the people involved, and get more people involved in activities that will increase their knowledge concerning Conservation And hence will reduce the impacts towards Environment. Establishment of this project relies on the founding of 200 hives on community land as well as the training of key people in beekeeping skills.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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    Indigenous Rights

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