The Great Outdoors

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    Brandon, Florida
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The Problem

My wish for this project is for my students to attain a long-term awareness of the great outdoors. Through this awareness, I wish for them to become stewards of the environment, spreading the word and education to local, state, and global communities.

Our Plan

My project will be a year-long theme of The Great Outdoors. During our year together, my 5th grade students will spend the year learning about ecological and environmental issues: biodiversity, deforestation, and pollution. Outdoor learning and nature-based activities will be imbedded throughout the year. As we learn about these topics, students will participate in awareness campaigns; create an indoor and outdoor garden; and organize local clean ups. These activities will run throughout the year. As we learn, it is my hope that what the students learn will inspire them to tackle other conservation and environmental topics. Therefore, I would not be surprised if learners came up with other impactful activities to help their learning during this year. This Great Outdoors projects is important for my student population, as we live in a mostly city environment, and students have little connection to nature. I am already seeing their eyes widen with wonder as we venture out and connect with nature. Thank you for this opportunity.

Themes Addressed

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    Community Enhancement
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The Benefit

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